Shiseido professional

Jun 19–20, 2005
Bigsite, Tokyo

Shiseido professional installation

In Asian Beauty Expo, we took charge of the design and production of the Shiseido’s booth, ‘Professional’, and also making interactive videos to project in the booth. In the arched pathway in the booth, we projected three interactive videos. The basic structure common in those three videos is that the back images emerge as the audience moves. Each video content is given themes on ‘ Skincare’, ‘ Permanent Waves’, and ‘ Dyeing’, and uses different techniques with generating or high-speed cameras. Also, the sounds are created in response to the movement of the audience in real time.

Direction: Akira Fujimoto (DGN)
Interaction design: Motoi Ishibashi
Programming: Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi
Sound design: Daito Manabe
Graphic Design: Akira Fujimoto
Movie edit: Akira Fujimoto