RFID Light Sequencer

Jul 22–Aug 20, 2006
ICC, Tokyo

The steps to lead people to the hall are veiled with the lights and sounds and they look like an aurora—this is a fantastic view that technologies create. The color card placed on the table decides the color of the steps. You can also combine more than one color card. For example, if you place a red card and a blue card on the table, the resulting color would be purple. Just placing cards, the expression of the steps changes immediately. Also, the sounds change with the changes of the lights. Every time one places color card, this pageant of lights with wireless chips, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and latest technologies of LEDs built-in continues shining forever.

Lighting-Sound design and programming: Daito Manabe
Device design and programming: Motoi Ishibashi
Interaction design: Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi
Card design: Seiichi Saito
Equipment Cooperation: Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated