“phenomena – dome version” ー Daito Manabe + Satoshi Horii

Nov16 2018-Jan14 2019
Kirishima Open-Air Museum Art Hall (in Kagoshima)

photo©Hanayuki Higashi

Daito Manabe + Satoshi Horii
phenomena – dome version

Produced: 2018
Time: 6 minutes and 55 seconds, 4 minutes and 20 seconds (2 works being displayed)
Material: audio-visual
Technical support: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

This work is an audio-visual artwork that is created through the development of creating algorithms and other experimental practices to generate sound and visuals.

Traditionally, audio-visual works separate the two aspects of audio and visual, by analyzing the sound to create the visuals or to analyze the visuals to create sound.

Data is created as a base to synchronize and harmonize the relationship with sound and visuals before this project so as to create an abstract output that holds no story and call upon different senses that the medium itself holds. Through the data creation process, simple algorithms from familiar physics phenomenons to deep learning algorithms such as VAE (variational autoencoder) are used.

The installation projects live performance video to a dome screen that otherwise be projected onto a flat screen.

Daito Manabe Rhizomatiks Research Exhibition