And Beyond

Technical assistance
Aug 19–29, 2005
Axis Gallery, Tokyo

We took charge of designing and making the interactive showcase in ‘And Beyond’. ‘And Beyond’ is an exhibition of the design works, concepts, and history of the airline, ‘Star Flyer’ which started its services in March, 2006.

Strips of white light of LEDs inside the showcase react to the movement of people. The lights keep on moving between people, and it seems as if they are connecting people. Also, there are sounds that react to the lights and change interactively. At regular intervals, the room goes black, and arrows of lights go through the room.

Motoi Ishibashi worked on making devices and programming. Daito Manabe designed and programmed the sounds and the LEDs that change according to the data from the sensors. When someone stands in front of the showcase, the white lights blink and gather toward him. When halogen lights go out and the room goes dark, those lights are programmed to line up between people, so that it seems like as if the people are connected with lines of the lights. These lines are interactive design works that intend to make people think of airlines which connects cities. ‘The diagram of the system’

Direction: Eishi Katsura, Tatsuya Matsui, Rumiko Ito
Produciton: Flower Robotics
Interaction design: Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi
Programming: Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi
Sound design: Daito Manabe
LED design: Daito Manabe
Device: Motoi Ishibashi, Key Komachiya
Equipment Cooperation: Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated