Daito Manabe reinterprets a familiar phenomenon or topic through a different viewpoint and combines them into his work. He focuses on the intrinsic fun that he can find while observing carefully the phenomenon, body, programming and computer itself, instead of chasing after rich expressions with high resolution or realistic sensation.


Daito Manabe | Rhizomatiks Research
Tokyo-Based Media Artist, DJ, Programmer.

Daito Manabe founded Rhizomatiks in 2006, and since 2015 he has worked with Motoi Ishibashi on Rhizomatiks Research, which conducts projects for the purpose of R&D to a large extent. Also he carries out collaborative projects with artists in various genres making the most use of programming and interactive design. Manabe was acclaimed internationally as one of the eleven key persons, including John Maeda and Hans Zimmer, selected for a special website to celebrate 30 years of Mac by Apple Inc.

He produced “electric stimulus to face-test” in 2008 in which he used his own face as a device and it has been shown in more than thirty cities around the world. Later, he was invited to many overseas festivals including Ars Electronica (Linz), STRP Festival (Eindhoven), Resonate (Serbia) and Sónar(Barcelona) to present various kinds of installations and performances. In 2011, “particles”, which he co-produced with Motoi Ishibashi, won the Award of Distinction in the Ars Electronica Prix Interactive division. In addition, he was awarded Honorary Mention for “Perfume Global Site” in 2012 and “Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989” in 2013. While in Japan, Grand Prize twice, Excellence Prize three times, and he was been recommended by the jury on eight occasions.

Manabe’s DJ career extends over twenty years and he has participated as front act in live performances in Japan with overseas artists including Flying Lotus and Squarepusher. He has also been invited to many overseas music festivals.

As a creator, he has produced collaborative projects with musicians both at home and abroad. In addition to the direction of music videos by Nosaj Thing, FaltyDL, Squarepusher, Timo Maas, Yasuyuki Okamura and Etsuko Yakushimaru, he worked with Ryuichi Sakamoto on the installation “Sensing Streams.” He is also responsible for the visual direction and programming for Nosaj Thing’s live set and the technical direction of the live performance by Perfume.

In 2011, Manabe started to work in collaboration with the dance company ELEVENNPLAY to produce works using mechanical learning technologies such as computervision in order to devise new expressions of the body, and other technologies such as drones and robot arms. Those works were shown at festivals including Sónar (Barcelona), Scopitone (Nantes) and Mutek (Mexico City) and was praised by the media at home and abroad including WIRED and Discovery Channel.