Super Flying Tokyo 2019

Aug 23-25, 2021
Workshop / Talk Session @ Miraikan– The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation SuperFlyingTokyo Night Party @ UNIT

Super Flying Tokyo 2019 is series of forum and event sessions where world-leading creators gather to explore augmentation of “driving force of innovative creativity” by imagining its near future of digital creative world from Tokyo.

We predict that possibilities for next generations of creativity will be assured by merging creative oriented mind and contents management at a higher level. But it is questionable if the environment and infrastructure for creation are fully provided. In other words, do awareness of the results of those creative challenges and the ripple effect of education prevail enough publically in the society? In the era of deformation and transition in any field, SFT 2019 will introduce various approaches from all over the world as model cases demonstrating specification of current problems, organization for problem-solving, collaboration, and crossover of styles. Creators find increasing importance of open environment of co-creation and sharing it publicly for realization of creativity and the bigger object of diverse society. The talk session of SFT 2019 will not only focus on those social topics from the context of art and creation but also discuss such themes as crossing of specialized researches relating science and advanced technologies and close relationships of businesses, industries, and urban planning together with opinions from specialists of each field to share current problems. Lets finds our next steps and share a bigger picture together.


Workshop for Junior and senior high school students
by Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthy(USA)

TALK SESSION- International Artist Presentation and Talk
8.24(Sat)10:00 -- 19:20
目[mé]Haruka Kojin+Kenji Minamigawa(JP), VT ProDesign(USA), Kyle McDonald(USA), Lauren McCarthy(USA), Ian Simon (Strangeloop Studios/USA), Pink;Money(HK& CHN), Kode9(UK), Nosaj Thing(USA), MIKIKO+Daito Manabe+Motoi Ishibashi(JP) *simultaneous interpretation


PART 1 : Collaboration
Daito Manabe &MIKIKO, Kyle McDonald&Lauren McCarthy, Pink;Money
MC: Kazunao Abe (Curator, Professor of Tokyo Polytechnic University) *simultaneous interpretation

PART 2 : Global contents development and its challenges
Mika Takagi (Director, Media and Content Industry Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan), Ken Matsumoto (Managing Director, COOL JAPAN FUND, Investment Group), Hidenori Chiba (Rhizomatiks)
MC: Mariko Nishimura (HEART CATCH)

PART 3 : Urabanization and creativity
Keisuke Toyoda (noiz architects), Erika Nakagawa(Architect), Seiichi Saito (Rhizomatiks)
MC: Mariko Nishimura (HEART CATCH), Kazunao Abe (Curator, Professor of Tokyo Polytechnic University)

OPEN / START 23:00(*Entrance is restricted to those above 20.)
Venue: UNIT

Performance : Nosaj Thing + Daito Manabe [Audio/Visual set], Kode9, Holodec, foodman, Saskiatokyo, OL Killer, Ichiro Yamaguchi
VJ: Rhizomatiks Research
SALOON DJ: Setsuya Kurotaki, MAA, Sakiko Osawa, shinichi mita, Nozomi Acid(Rhizomatiks)