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日本語読める方は是非、Beams B-Galleryへどうぞ!




[Pa++ern Program]

The esoteric language “Pa++ern” that we developed for this exhibition has only a limited simple function, but nevertheless can make various graphics with a very short program. The code is in fact so short, that you can fit complete programs within the 140 characters of a twitter message!
We also designed the language so that the program itself looks interesting. For us is important that you can care about how the code looks, so we thought that it would be great if you can use elements like a blank space or a linefeed not only for generating graphics but also so the appearance of the program is pleasing!


Created originally for our exhibition at B-Gallery (July 11 to August 11, 2009), Pa++ern is a combination of an installation and an original esoteric programming language for embroidery.

#only the embroidery design, which is bought by visitors or twitteres ,are into t-shirt. If they don’t buy t-shirt, they can only see the execution result in Display.

Visitors to the gallery enjoy the movement and sounds of this highly used but rarely seen machines and can choose to operate them or witness how they are controlled by virtual visitors using twitter to send their Pa++ern program; an esoteric experience in itself.

To design your own embroidery patterns you need to write a program using the Pa++ern language, but don’t panic! You will be using the environment that we created to support the language that is simply enough for anyone to use. The other thing you need, if you can-t come to the gallery, is a twitter account to twit the code to the machines. And best of all you can also buy a T-shirt with your original embroidery in it! The t-shirts are in limited supply so if you really want one, run to buy it online! (Please note that only the designs of those who purchase the t-shirts are actually sawn into them; you are welcome to try as many designs but you will only see the display of them if you don’t acquire a t-shirt).

If you are not familiar with Twitter, please check this page:

[Pa++ern – twitter process]

(1) twit your program to ****
# I will let you know the name of twitter account on Saturday 🙂
(2) **** will twit you back ; if everything is OK with your code, you will have a link to the website with the execution result . Click the link to check it out!

However, if something is wrong with the code, _pt will twit you with a “parse error” message. Please check your program and try again!

I have already finished coding with Ruby-Cocoa for the installation.
Rhizomatiks people and Yoshikawa-kun (from BOW) have been developing website
for Pa++ern twitter!!We will launch it on this Saturday.

If you have a twitter account, Please follow me!!

Daito manabe