I stick to my current style of using the turntable and control the space by playing records. I use Max/MSP/Jitter programming for the accurate mapping of the oscillation created by grooves and needles to generate and control the videos and sounds. I make performances using very physical and analogue scratching techniques and also computers. I create and develop the edgy visual and auditory experiences with manpower.
When Ms.Pnky was produced, I sealed off the special records I made in IAMAS. Recently, there are too many tools, like Final Scratch, Scratch Live, Traktor Scratch, and so on that enable one to scratch the sound files in a hard disk. As a result, the tones of analogue records are becoming more precious.

Concept, Turntable, and Sound programming: Daito Manabe
Sound source: Daito Manabe, Taeji Sawai
Visual programming: Satoshi Horii