Concept Programming
Jan 13–15, 2006
Uplink Factory, Tokyo

This is a dance performance work using acrylics and wave transducers to create super low frequencies, and also myoelectric sensors. The myoelectric sensors capture the delicate movements of dancers and turn them to images, sounds, and vibrations.

Concept and Direction: Takao Kawaguchi and Daito Manabe
Dancer: Takao Kawaguchi (Dumbtype)
Sound, programming: Daito Manabe
Visual: Satoshi Horii, Seiichi Saito
Texture: Takao Kawaguchi (Dumbtype), Seiichi Saito
Space and table design: Kenichi Togawa (ba-ri)
Device programming: Motoi Ishibashi
Sensor development: Masaki Teruoka