riot please “-a/….ha…++”

Apr 23–Jun 27, 2004
ICC, Tokyo

Applying technique of make the interferences in hearing and feeling that I used in my IAMAS graduation work, ‘Chair the difference’, I made a new experienced-based in an anechoic room with Mr. Taeji Sawai, Mr. Kazuhiro Jo.

The work became more impressive by taking in sounds that create resonances with the external ears used in Mr. Taeji Sawai’s live performance. The audio system was 96k/24bit and has 12 channels. Although we could not bring them in the exhibition, we also made the belt with wave transducers attached and handy wave transducers to experience the interferences of the sounds from speakers. I would like to thank Mr. Masaki Teruoka giving me great advices on the concept and the damages that the super low frequencies may cause.

Taeji Sawai + Kazuhiro Jo + Daito Manabe