Jun 2–Sep 18, 2006
Skipcity, Kawaguchi

This is the VJ system using RFID tags. It is very experimental as cards control the videos and lights in this work. There are tables for VJing and for taking videos. If one places a card for seven seconds on the table of taking videos, the image of the person gets recorded. Then, if one places the card on the table of VJing, the CG in the screen shows the recorded image. The shape and movement of the CG is also controlled by the card placed on the table. Even if one lays a card on the other, the shape and the movement of CG is still controllable.

Direction: Daito Manabe + Motoi Ishibashi(DGN)
Audio-Visual Programming: Daito Manabe
Device-Visual Programming: Motoi Ishibashi
Card Graphic design: Seiichi Saito
Cooperation: OMRON Software
Equipment Cooperation: Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated