Aug 26, 2005
Kitano club ‘sola’, Kobe

Installation for Restir

We designed and produced the interactive video system for the party celebrating the opening of the Restir branch in Kobe.
We represented the concept of the selected shop, the Restir, through the interactive video system. In the screen, the cities all around the world are introduced with a scene of a movie filmed in each city. If one turns the illuminating globe placed in front of the screen, the image of a plane on the screen moves to select a city. After selecting a city, the upper half of the multi screen shows one scene from a movie. Just turning the globe, the audience can imagine the cities all around the world.

Direction: RESTIR x DGN
Art direction: Daito Manabe (DGN)
System design: Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi
Programming: Daito Manabe
Sound design: Daito Manabe
Device design: Motoi Ishiashi
Flash movie: Seiichi Saito
Movie edit: Ikumi Hirata