Refined Colors

Sound design
Jul, 2004–

every place we had visited. We took them into our expressions on the stage and always kept on renewing our work through our trip and connecting those sampled scenes.

Direct and Lighting: Takayuki Fujimoto (Dumb Type)
Direct, Choreograph and Dance: Kosei Sakamoto Monochrome Circus
Choreograph and Dance: Yuko Mori Monochrome Circus
Dance: Hirokazu Morikawa Monochrome Circus
Dance: Yuka Saeki (Monochrome Circus)
Sound and Visual Design: Takuya Minami (Softpad)
Sound and Programming: Daito Manabe

Thanks to: Chinda Prontha, Suttichai Suttisak, Jon Cambeul iLondon j
Aoki Takamasa iParis j, Yury Spitsyn iMoscow jAlfred Birnbaum

Supported: Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated, TamaTechLab, Kyoto Art Center In cooperation with: AIR KYOTO