Apr 6–7, 2008
Makuhari Messe, Chiba

I used the date from the acceleration sensor I attached to a BMX and the image analysis result from a video camera to create the visuals.

Client: Nike Japan
Creative Direction: Hiroshi Koike (NON-GRID)
DJ: Yummy
Visual/Sound Programming: Daito Manabe
Device Programming: Motoi Ishibashi
Visual Programming, Flash: Satoshi Horii (rhizomatiks)
Video, Web Design: Seiichi Saio (rhizomatiks)
Design: Takeshi Yoshimori (NON-GRID), Koshiro Saito (NON-GRID)
Agency: beacon communications k.k.
Implement: z-productions, Prent
Technical Sponsor: Apple Japan, Inc.