Maison Moet

Oct 22–Nov 7, 2004
Aoyama Spiral, Tokyo

Installation for Maison Moe

This installation using the time signals and LEDs was held in Spiral under the sponsorship of Maison Moe. The room is divided into six. In each space, the time signals of Italia, France, Britain, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan are played in the local time. The lightings are also designed according to the each country’s theme colors. The sound system has 8 channel speakers and 2 channel woofers. The interesting point is that the each time signal is quite distinctive. For example, the Italian time signal has background music and is very cheerful. In the French time signals, the signals that tell the time are inaccurate, etc. By the way, I heard the time signals in Rumania delays three minutes a day at the most.

Direction, LED Design: Takayuki Fujimoto
LED and Audio surround programming: Daito Manabe
Sound design: Daito Manabe, Takuya Minami