I’mPULSE 2006 in Beijing

May 14–21, 2006

The third ‘IMPULSE’, the Asian and European music camp held by Asian and European Fundation based in Singapore and aiming of cultural exchanges, took place. This time, 25 DJs and media artists from more than ten countries participated, shared DJ skills, and created one experimental work together through the interchange called records swapping. Daito Manabe participated as a Japanese DJ, gave workshops and lectures on the possibility of DJing using programming, and made 6 performances in total, which is reported in the media from Britain, Spain, and China.

He mainly used Ms.Pinky in my performance and proposed the following issues DJing today have in the infrastructures.
As the transition from analogue to digital has increased the quantity of information, the problem to select some music from the vast amount of information could be applied the ideas and technologies of databases and search engines. To give tags to music, there is too much data. So, applications with a system that functions to search and extract data, besides just selecting and playing music with a learning function or a smart selection function, will be developed in future. To give tags to millions of music seems too inefficient. As applications developed, mixing techniques are now automatically done today, so that they are not highly estimated in DJing. You rarely see someone fails mixing during his play with laptops. To see vivid mixing with the pitch changing and a DJ selecting records has been rare. These important elements of DJing should not be easily lost.