“discrete figures installation” ー Rhizomatiks Research + ELEVENPLAY + Kyle Mcdonald

Nov16 2018-Jan14 2019
Kirishima Open-Air Museum Art Hall (in Kagoshima)

photo©Hanayuki Higashi

Rhizomatiks Research + ELEVENPLAY + Kyle Mcdonald
discrete figures installation

Produced: 2018
Time: 5 minutes
Material : audio-visual, motion data

This work is an installation version of the collaborative dance performance “discrete figures” by Rhizomatiks Research, MIKIKO, ELEVENPLAY, and Kyle Mcdonald, which uses mathematics and the human bodily expression as a motif.
“discrete figures” uses AR and image processing techniques to seamlessly provide a platform for the audience to watch real dancers dance alongside a AI generated dancer on the stage. In the installation version, by utilizing the viewpoint and degree information of the dancer, the dynamism of the AI generated dancer can be felt through the projection on the caved screen that could be realised without the use of a headset.

Daito Manabe Rhizomatiks Research Exhibition