Mar 11 and 29, 2004

We had live sampling, playback, and feedback of the voice and video of a female singer. Although we were in a particular circumstance and warned by doctors, we accomplished the work successfully.

From 2004 to 2005, we set a project to develop a new day care program in the psychiatric hospitalization department of the hospital in affiliation with Japan Medical College. This is one of the activity of the project, ‘epoch-making’, of which theme is ‘Local psychiatric treatments and artistic expressions’. Also, this is a multipurpose program, in which the performer and participants keep interactive relationships. Many artists joined in our program.

‘Epoch-making’ is the cross-fields project aiming for the community care and hospitality.
The Inter Media Art Course in the Faculty of Art of the Tokyo Art University / The Healthcare Corporation Asai Hospital / The Psychiatry Department of Japan Medical University / The Development and Promotion Department of Cerebral Functions Imaging in the Independent Administrative Agency Radiology Institute

Daito Manabe: Audio/Visual programming
Reisiu Sakai: Vocal